Wednesday, August 17, 2011


As all of you know, I am married to an avid fisherman. He would fish 12 hours a day, 7 days a week if I didn’t keep finding other things for him to do.

This summer has really been a complete bust as far as fishing goes. And he has been so wonderful about it that I decided our fifth wheel is going to become a fishing cabin, something Jim has always wanted.

Here are a few of the items that we’ve found so far.

A magnet we liked. fish

Fan pullsIMG_2694

Soap Dispenser – we have two of thesefish5

Michaela, our future DIL, found all of these for us fish4 

Fishing Rod Grill Lighter (gift from Jan and Bill)IMG_2691

Hot pan handle holder


Large mouth bass salt and pepper shakers fish3

Bookends that my parents gave Jim as a gift several years ago fish2

Much more to come. 


IMG_2692 Currently, Jim is building new shelves in the kitchen. Two of them we purchased at Lowe’s with pull out baskets. In the other two cabinets, these baskets won’t work, so he is taking advantage of having saws and a table to build the shelves. So nice to be married to a man who can do so much.





  1. a man of many talents!..the fish will be still be there when the chores are done!..
    nice work on the decor!!..very fitting!!

  2. My Dad was an avid fisherman & would spend endless hours in his motorboat on a lake beside his cottage fishing. Anything to do with fishing always reminds me of him & I recall some of those fishing things around the cottage. Only thing I ever caught was a cold!! `

  3. Well aren't you the good wife! How nice for Jim to have his fishing cabin now! Pretty cool...hope it helps him catch some real fish.

  4. cool your place looks and what a neat idea...a portable fishing cabin. I love the salt and pepper cute. Tell Jim he does great work. If Jim and Paul go together, they could build us one super place...on wheels!

  5. Teach a man to fish, and you have a life-long obsession. I think your place is so cool and It fits so well.

  6. You are a lucky woman, and Jim is a lucky man! I notice no "scales" in your fishy new house. :)

  7. Even if he can't fish at least he'll be happy looking at all the fish. Don't get too many ... remember you have to dust them! Cabinets look great!

  8. I forgot to ask what is Jim's favorite fish to catch? Does he strictly like fresh water fish or has he also tried ocean fishing? I love all the fishy accessories!

  9. Like the fishing motif. He is definitely handy to have around. I would love to change the shelves in our cabinets. I'm making John check your post today.

  10. oh wow...lookin good!!!
    Hope you find some live fish soon. We are headed to Glacier...I think there is good fishing in Flathead lake..has Jim ever tried it?

  11. Do you have one of those propellers that go in your hitch receiver when you aren't hooked up? And a sound machine to duplicate the type of sounds you get when sitting out in a boat? The second one might help get the meditation part right. After all, it's not all about catching.

  12. Yes, your place does look a little 'fishy' to me. I'll bet Jim loves it.

  13. Jim is a lucky man to have a wife who indulges his passion, even with the decor. And you are lucky to have a Mr. Fix-it around the house!

  14. I am going to make Anneke read this. A great idea!

  15. My dad would rather fish than eat!! He LOVED it and said it was the thing that kept him active....he lived to 93 so he must have been right.
    I am so glad Jim has his fishing cabin and I hope it adds many many happy hours to his life!! :-)

  16. Wow, fish-o-rama!!!! Neat to find things that interest you, isn't it a thrill of discovery. My brother likes pirate stuff, the raunchier the better, so it is fun when i find the 'perfect' thing :)

  17. That's so cute - what a great idea, a fishing cabin! Love all the stuff you have so far.

    What a guy Jim is, he can do anything. You are so lucky to have a handy husband! :)


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