Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Got the shed unpacked, wash cloths rolled, double checked the walkers registrations and the names for the scroll. The scroll contains the names of those who have lost their fight with cancer and is read at the campfire Saturday night.

Loaded the van with all the items that need to go out to the campground, got the numbers ready for the walkers, and we’ll head into Pahrump Thursday morning to load up on water, Aleve, oranges, and trail mix.

IMG_0733 Friday morning we’ll peel oranges and separate the slices so they can be frozen for the walkers. Friday afternoon we set up the camp – tents, screen rooms, candle holder, grill, and chairs.



IMG_0736 Friday evening is the fishing tournament. Guess who’s in charge of that?

Saturday morning at 6:00 a.m. we will have breakfast in the restaurant and then I will handle the registration process.

See you after registration. By the way – it’s hot here. 96 today and going up.


  1. OMG, How did you handle that heat !! Are you home now ?

  2. 96 is way too hot. We might have record temps here in Georgia this week as well. I think its time to head north (I wish).

  3. welcome back to blogville!..glad to hear that all is well and you are keeping yourselves out of 'trouble'!..have a good one!!

  4. Sure glad you're not one of the walkers in that heat! I'd be looking for every cool down method I know! I'd overheat just doing what you are doing let alone racing!


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