Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Had a fun time at dinner Monday night in Las Vegas. We met up with Jeri and Terry and Jerry and Janice at Terrible’s for their 2 for 1 dinner buffet. The brisket is wonderful and Jim almost od’ed on shrimp.

We had planned on going to Valley of Fire on Tuesday but our Scooter isn’t doing real good. She has problems with her back and I think she twisted it when she was so freaked out the night we got locked in the motor home. We carry pain pills for her but we gave her the last one and need to get them refilled. We had found a wonderful vet her in Las Vegas last year and they treated Scooter’s back at that time. We decided to scrap the plans for Valley of Fire until sometime when we can take the time to enjoy it and not worry about the girls.

BUT – we did spend the morning at Roos-N-More. Sharon told me about this place and I knew it was someplace I had to visit. The problem is they are open to the public a few days a month and today was one of them. We made sure Scooter was comfortable in the motor home and took off.

I don’t know the names of most of the animals in these pictures but I sure hope you enjoy them.

DSCN0847 The following is taken from their website. “Roos-N-More is the home that Jay, Valerie, Zach and Hailey Holt share with 160 or so animals. We never started with the intention of becoming a zoo, but as the population of animals increased so did the desire to share with others. Everything just sort of fell into place. One day I was sharing family pets with my children's classmates and the next day I was fulfilling a life-long dream.


DSCN0820 This fellow is known as a lesser anteater.

Jay and I are both Veterinarians who own and operate a small animal/exotic practice in Las Vegas, Nevada. When we graduated from LSU Veterinary School, Jay had dreams of becoming a surgeon and I wanted to work in the zoo. Plans have a way of changing and soon we were parents of two children and running a busy veterinary practice.

DSCN0814 In 2002, a Bennett's wallaby joey named Pogo joined our family and I caught "Roo Fever". Before long, we needed to think about a bigger place to live.

DSCN0846 One thing lead to another and in 2006 we relocated to Moapa, Nevada, with our mob of 15 kangaroos and wallabies. I had big plans.

DSCN0826 This friendly fellow is a lemur.

DSCN0828How about a bearcat?

Soon I wanted animals that I never even knew existed. I found that I was drawn into discovering and learning about uncommon species. I also wanted to share everything I had learned.


The zoo is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that offers a totally ed-zoo-cational opportunity to our guests. DSCN0841 We believe in conservation through education and hope that the up-close and personal encounters with our animal ambassadors will inspire people to help save their wild counterparts.

We are accredited by the Zoological Association of America and are dedicated to making sure our animals are as happy and healthy as they possibly can be.


DSCN0868 Isn’t this fellow beautiful? His beak looks just like plastic and it kind of feels like that too. Wish I could have gotten a picture of his tongue. Looked like a long, very thin stick.



We are still a work in progress, but I am so proud of what we have accomplished. I have fulfilled my dream. I was unable to bring the veterinarian to the zoo, so I brought the zoo to the veterinarian.

DSCN0875 Along, with the zoo, I found my home. Valerie Holt”


DSCN0878 Isn’t she just the cutest baby ever? I wanted to take her home with me.

DSCN0894 It’s been a long time since I have had such a delightful experience. The animals are just incredible and you can tell how much they are loved by how well they react with humans. I can hardly wait to go back again.



  1. What a wonderful place. I gotta go there, and yes that baby zebra is the cutest!!

  2. That would have been so much fun but we didn't know about it until now!

  3. Wow! Talk about up close and personal!

  4. Wow, that looks like fun - it's definitely going on my list!

  5. We hope Scooter feels better real soon.
    What a super place to visit. I love zoos. Paul isn't crazy about them but he would go with me if I pout.

  6. Looks like a great place. What a different collection of animals!

  7. What a cool place! I would love to take my grandson there!
    I hope Scooter feels better soon.


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