Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Valley,that is.

After spending an extra night in Pahrump because of the door ordeal, we finally put in the last 60 miles to Furnace Creek, Death Valley, CA.

IMG_0698 Death Valley for me is one of the most beautiful, peaceful places we have been to.

IMG_0703 If you can avoid the tourists, it is so very quiet out in the desert. Offers a chance for you to actually hear yourself think and appreciate the wonders of God.

IMG_0701 However, this year there are many more tourists than were here last year and getting away from them can be tough. Lots of bus tours and rental RVs. The campground is full and as soon as one rig leaves, another one pulls in. You can tell there are a lot of novice RV drivers as you watch them try to park their rig.

IMG_0706 We got parked, had some lunch, then went over to Sharon’s house and picked up the Walk for Life T-shirts. I needed to get them rolled, put a rubber band around them, sort them into sizes, and put them in the drawers so they would be ready for all the people who are walking. 60 shirts rolled and put away.

IMG_0711 Furnace Creek – an oasis in the desert.

On Tuesday Jim and I rode out to see one of my favorite spots in the Valley. Salt Creek where the pupfish live. I am fascinated by these amazing little fish. They only live about 6 to 9 months, and they have a lot to accomplish in those few short months. They need to hatch, grow up, eat, mate, reproduce, and die. The males turn a beautiful blue when they want to mate and become very aggressive about protecting their own territory, as you can see in the video.

Back to work.


  1. So glad to see you back posting again. Looks like a spot I'd love to spend some time at.

  2. This is one place we want to go. It looks awesome!
    So wonderful of you two to be so involved. My sister is taking chemo right now. She is only 40 and has the most aggressive type of breast cancer. Thanks for doing all you do!

  3. Cool video! I'd like to see those little fish some time. :)

  4. the road to death?..looks like heaven..peaceful and quiet!!..not a soul around!!

  5. Wow! Energetic little things aren't they? Sort of like you guys. :)

  6. Yep..I loved the pup fish too...so cool! Be nice to the folks trying to park...it could be Lee and I as we still can't back!!! Someday maybe.


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