Monday, April 4, 2011


After the picnic on Wednesday, we were really excited about heading back to the Superstition Skies Bar and Grill. This time we invited Jeri and Terry and Dianna and Evelyn to join us.

IMG_0586 Diana and Phil were already there waiting for us. Great to see them again and they had introduced themselves to Dianna and Evelyn.



IMG_0592 The band, B & K, were just a little late getting started but they definitely made up for it. Once again, they were great performers and entertainers.



IMG_0589 Jeri and Terry arrived shortly after the band started playing. A little later in the evening, Jeri’s cousin, Shelly joined us. Lots of toe tapping going on at our table.


IMG_0591 Dianna and Evelyn refused to cooperate for pictures so this is the best we could do. They both need to learn that RVers take lots of pictures.

I am really looking forward to spending a lot more time here at the Skies next winter.


  1. Camera shy are they? You bet we'll go next winter.

  2. I certainly hope we can get together next winter. I want to have as much fun as you all do!!!

  3. Loved it! Loved it! RVers certainly do take lots of pictures. That way we remember everything. It's kind of like going back to pre-school.

  4. Sounds like you just continue to meet up with friends and make new friends. It's a fun life!

  5. What a great find! You all look like you are having a great time!
    We sure miss being around friends - its kind of quiet here.

  6. another great toe-tapping evening!!

  7. You guys sure have a good time! Yes, Luci hates the snow, think she does not like lowering herself to near to it to potty!

  8. Brant and Kerry seem to get better every week! Great seeing you and hope to see you this Wednesday.


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