Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Okay gang. In yesterday’s post I mentioned that Jim just dropped me off at the dentist’s and then drove away – coward that he is.

That’s not exactly the way it happened and I want to make sure everyone knows the truth.

I sent him away. He would have come in with me, he would have held my hand, he would do anything I needed him to do to protect and help me. Why do you think I married him? He’s my knight in shining armor.

But I really didn’t know how long this appointment was going to take and he had already given up fishing to take me to the dentist. (One of the drawbacks of only have one vehicle.) So I put on my big girl panties and decided I could handle it by myself. As it turns out there was no drilling or filling so no big deal.

I still am in pain. I was so hoping that fixing the bite would take care of the problem. But no such luck. So I’ll call Dr. Trevor again today and see if we can try the antibiotic route. I’m also going to talk to him about a mouth guard thingie like a couple of readers have suggested.

David – that scotch suggestion sure makes a lot of sense and let me tell you, if they don’t figure something out pretty soon, my posts could get really interesting as I take you up on that suggestion.


  1. Hi..just read your last two posts. I too am terrified of the dentist. In fact for years they gave me laughing gas just to get through it!! Last summer I had a tooth ache, went to the dentist, he couldn't find anything, took an antibiotic in case in was sinus...didn't help. I was now in another town, so went to a different dentist. The tooth was much worse, so it was easier for him to deduce that I needed a root canal!!! Ug...but all better now. Hope yours just gets better without any more dental work!

  2. Okay .. Jim is now free of blame. It's you and that scotch we need to worry about.

  3. Glad you 'fessed up!! Us husbands get deservedly blamed for enough stuff we do without getting in trouble for stuff we didn't do!!

    I still hope your tooth thing feels better before you have to go back to the dentist's office.

  4. Darn...I thought by now you would be feeling great! I think we all know what a wonderful guy Jim is!


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