Wednesday, April 6, 2011


IMG_0610 We left Apache Junction yesterday morning on our journey to Death Valley. Since I am the planner and navigator, I decided we were going to spend the night in Laughlin, NV.

IMG_0613I think the drive through the desert is incredibly beautiful and I took lots of pictures to prove it. I always think about the force that nature used to created these rock formations.


After leaving Kingman, AZ we began our descent into Bullhead City, AZ/Laughlin, NV. The descent is 10 miles of 6 and 7 percent grades. But our 6 speed Allison transmission worked perfectly and Jim hardly used the brakes at all.

IMG_0622 This picture is near the end of the descent and in the upper part of the picture you can see the road that climbs back out of the Colorado river valley on the other side.

Laughlin Base Bullhead City, AZ sits on the east side of the Colorado River and Laughlin, NV sits on the west bank of the river. Laughlin’s main industry is gambling. The last time we were here, it was River Run and we ended up in the middle of 75,000 motorcycles. Our timing was a little better this trip. Except that the main road through Laughlin is under construction which made for interesting maneuvers with the motor home.

tropicana We spent the night in the Tropicana Express RV parking area. No hookups but they do have a dump and potable water. It used to be free to camp here but beginning this year they now charge $7 a night. We may have to rethink if we want to stay here again.


  1. That Bullhead City/Laughlin area is a region we have not been to yet. Been to Parker & Kingman but not the area in between. Maybe next winter we will give that area a whirl.

  2. You're about 30 minutes up River Road from us! If I'd read this before we went out to brunch I'd have invited you to meet us somewhere. We are probably holed up here hiding from the winds until Sunday now when we plan to move west again. How long will you be in the area?


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