Thursday, April 7, 2011


IMG_0660 After leaving Oatman we decided to drive a couple of miles down old Rte 66.

2011-04-06_10-28-50_665Looking at this curvy road, it’s hard to imagine it was once a major thoroughfare in the USA. Brought back a lot of good memories.

As we came around a curve we noticed a flag blowing on the right hand side of the road. When we turned around to go back towards Laughlin, we took the road up to the flag to check it out.

2011-04-06_10-33-30_720 I was really glad we had the four wheel drive truck cause the road is pretty rocky. It wouldn’t have been too far to walk to the memorial, but with Jim’s bad back, walking is out of the question.

2011-04-06_10-33-37_698 Someone has done a wonderful job of creating a memorial to those who served in the Korean War. I tried to locate information about this memorial when I had internet access but haven’t found anything yet. Just another one of those wonderful things that you run across when you really aren’t looking.

(These pictures were taken with Jim’s Droid X cell phone after our camera battery died. I am really impressed with the quality of the pictures.)


  1. We did only a few miles on Rte. 66. One day we would like to travel the whole route. Some day!

  2. We drove all of route 66 when we had the smaller RV. Don't take the back way into or out of Oatman in anything bigger! I would never do it again in even our former RV. Scary, scary road!

  3. I did a protion of route 66 in Oklahoma, and it's windy and curvy there too! :)

  4. Did a bit of Route 66 near Joplin Missouri one time & it was in poor condition, narrow & bumpy. Saw a fair bit of it along the southside of I-40 a few weeks ago heading home across the mid west.

  5. Great find, Sandie. Looks like a neat visit!


  6. A couple in the park today was telling us that Oatman and the burros are a must see!
    Pictures were great..don't know why I lug a big camera around. I don't know how to use it!


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