Saturday, April 9, 2011


IMG_0670 We are back in Las Vegas, sitting in Steve and Peter’s drive way. That was the perfect place to be when the wind came roaring through on Thursday. The winds came in from the southwest and between us and them was the garage. We rocked and rolled some but not very much even when the wind reached 65 mph.

We haven’t done the casinos on this trip – just did that a couple of weeks ago.  Spent time with friends.

IMG_0664 This is a picture of Sharon and George. They are the couple who are running the Walk for Life in Death Valley that we are helping out. George was on life support for 28 days in January and February. Sharon had reached the point that she was going to let him go. Thank goodness she didn’t. Look at him now. Very thin but doing really good. Has to have his blood tested three times a week and have shots – probably for the rest of his life. But that’s okay.

IMG_0665 Sharon told me it was so wonderful to be able to sleep next to her hubby for the first time in over two months. Just to be able to reach out and touch him. What a wonderful life affirming story.





The girls loved having us park at Steve’s house. They got to roam the whole back yard without being leashed. They thought that was the best fun ever.

IMG_0669 We also went out to dinner with Steve and Peter and watched a movie with them. One of the dumbest movies I’ve ever seen – Evolution. Right up there with Tremors.


IMG_0671 Today we head up to Pahrump for the night and then we’ll go into Death Valley Sunday morning.


  1. nothing like a 'dumb' movie to make you appreciate the really good ones!..stay safe..hope the wind is done!!

  2. It's certainly nice to see George up and out. You were so worried about him! Take care and watch taht weather!

  3. great to see pictures of your friends. Glad it worked out so well for them!
    You guys are all having so much fun meeting up with each other out west, it makes me wish we could have stayed out there longer!!


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