Wednesday, March 2, 2011


A week ago, we headed down to Casa Grande and the Hong Kong Kitchen.

IMG_0382 Waiting for us were Freddy and Delcie and Jan and Bill. Haven’t seen Freddy and Delcie since we left them in Yuma after the reunion and it was so fun to get together again.

After we chowed down on really good food, we went over to Jan and Bill’s and they had coffee and pie ready for us.

IMG_0380 We couldn’t stay too long because we needed to get back and take care of the girls. We caught up on all the news and talked about where everybody is headed next. Jan and Bill are going to the Gypsy Journal Rally in Yuma. Freddy and Delcie left on Monday to head to Deming, NM.

Safe travels, friends.


  1. You guys never stop ! I get tired just reading about all the places you go to !! LOL

  2. Why is it when we meet up with others it's always at a table?

  3. I think Dave and I are going to the Gypsy Gathering so we may see Jan & Bill someplace other than at a table full of food!!! Unless the place we see them is at the morning donut table. Or the Gathering's pizza party. :)


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