Monday, March 21, 2011


IMG_0485 We spend quite a bit of time here in Apache Junction. We are close to three lakes which means Jim can go fishing whenever the weather and the crowds allow. I get a chance to read and think about all the things that I should get done. We are close to my sister and my aunt. The weather is generally really nice. However - - -

I would like to be on the move a lot more than we are. That’s just my gypsy nature. But since Jim has to do all the driving (I know, I know, I need to learn how to drive this thing), he likes to sit still for longer periods of time. This is known as compromise.

This seems to be the major issue that we have had to work through since we started our full time lifestyle in January of 2009. Spending 24/7 together (except when he’s fishing) hasn’t been a problem for us. I totally enjoy his company. Learning to live in a very small space hasn’t been an issue. Agreeing on where to go next – no problem.

IMG_0487 But how long we’re going to stay in one place, we’ve reached a tentative agreement. I will stay still as long as I can stand it and when I say enough, Jim is willing to go somewhere else for awhile. I do try to find places where he can fish though.

So what compromises have you worked out in your RVing lifestyle?


  1. Interesting question. At the moment I can't think of any compromises. We both like to travel about 200 miles per day, like modern RV parks with concrete instead of trees, prefer back roads, are happy staying for months in Florida for the winter, enjoy seeing new places, etc. I guess the only thing I can think of where we are different is that I want to see as much as possible when we are parked somewhere - I think Roger is happy just sitting still more than I am. Hope you get more answers - it's interesting to read how other people work thru things.

  2. sounds like the two of you have things figured out pretty well!..good for you both!!
    We have yet to hit the road but we already know that we aren't going to one of those ones that moves every couple of days..that is unless we are on our way to a 'long stay park'!..have a great day!!

  3. Well, I am with you Sandie. I prefer to stay on the move covering lots of territory & seeing lots of new things. Our stints these past few years at ranch sitting have been quite a challenge for me. Months at a time staying in one place gets pretty old pretty quick. A couple weeks here, a couple weeks there seems to be a reasonably good mix. Kelly is more like Jim so we do have to compromise sometimes...


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