Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Vegas = friends, eating, friends, gambling, friends, eating.

We are settled into the Road Runner RV Park. Our friends, Carol and Steve, pulled out on Saturday and we pulled into their spot before they were out the gate. With NASCAR in town and just being Vegas, the RV parks are full so we were very grateful to get this affordable spot. This also puts us close to friends and the excitement of the strip and downtown. And no, we don’t need a code to get home at night.

ellisThursday night we headed for Ellis Island to celebrate Jeri and Terry’s anniversary. And how else do we celebrate – with food. We were going to check out their BBQ but with an hour wait we decided to head for the restaurant. Jerry and Janice grab us a number for the restaurant and our wait was only about 5 minutes. After dinner we donated a little money to the casino and then headed for home.

linda and ed Friday night we headed down to Boulder Station and had a wonderful time with the group for Karaoke. Linda and Ed are the stars in this group. They can really sing and the rest of us were really good at clapping and hooting. Kept us up way past our bedtime.

IMG_0421 Saturday morning we moved into our RV spot. Saturday evening, Jeri, Terry, Jim and I headed down to the strip to see what we could see. I didn’t have the camera with me so I’m taking some of Jeri’s pictures to add to my blog. We took a drive down the strip to the famous “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign that you see in all the movies.

IMG_0422 Then we went back and parked at the Paris so we could walk around and see some sights. Had dinner at a “French” restaurant, Le Burger Brasserie. The names on the menu were French and the prices were probably what you would pay in France, but the food was pretty basic American. Good but the company was better.

belagio_thumb[2] Jeri and I left the guys in the Paris and walked over to the Bellagio to watch the fountain display. We wandered into Caesar's and then went back to round up the guys and head for home. We’re still donating.

blueberry Sunday – Jim joined the group at Sam’s Town for their champagne brunch. I’m not big on breakfast buffets so I stayed home and had my toast. Sunday was kind of a lazy day. Jim had to watch the NASCAR race on TV and after the race he and I went to a Blueberry Hill Restaurant for dinner. Great waitress, lots of good food and the most wonderful chocolate, chocolate layer cake for desert. (Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of the cake before it was GONE.)


  1. Food! Food! Food! Ain't it great! Looks like you had a great weekend in Vegas and saw a lot of the big hotels and casinos.

  2. But did you find your thrill on Blueberry Hill? Oh, the cake, that was your thrill.

  3. looks like everyone had a great time in 'lost wages'!..enjoy!!

  4. One day we'd like to visit Vegas in the rv. Looks interesting!

  5. Sounds like a great time! I hope you guys don't "donate" too much!


  6. Staying busy in this place certainly isn't difficult! What we have discovered is that even though every place is hopping 24 hours a day ... we can't be!

  7. Being open 24 hours a day means I can go on my kind of time instead of business time, right? I'll have to remember that.

  8. Catching up on your blog. When I was working I went to Vegas a lot on business and found Blueberry Hill to be a nice diner. Glad to see others agree.


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