Friday, March 4, 2011



The Gate is open!!

Jim went down this morning to talk to the office about our being locked out last night. This was a different person than the one who checked us in and she apologized explaining that they were supposed to give us an access code to the gate. So we are now good to go for the partying we want to do tonight.

IMG_0408 The wind has died down and it really is beautiful up here. If you don’t mind the sound of guns anyhow. Surprisingly, they are really quite muffled. Those of you who know Skittlez know that she freaks out at the least little noise and yet these gunshots don’t bother her. Even with the window open. They stop shooting at dark or 7:00 pm whichever comes first because that’s when they lock the gate.

IMG_0409We drove down to the Road Runner RV Park today which is where Carol and Steve are parked. They are leaving in the morning and we wanted to make sure we have their spot. The gal in the office had us all written in (they do not take reservations) and now we just need to coordinate with Steve and be there really close to the time he leaves.

IMG_0411 The road up to the Clark County Shooting Park:


The Road Runner definitely doesn’t have the beauty we have up here but it is about 20 miles closer to everybody and everything. 20 miles isn’t far but it’s city streets and lots and lots of traffic so it takes us about an hour (during non rush hour) to make the trip. And think of the gas it will be saving us.

Those are our plans at this moment. We will stay at the Road Runner for at least a week and hopefully be able to see everyone and relax.


  1. I certainly hope you get moved tomorrow!

  2. I'm back at "windows open". Oh yeah, I remember, they do open, don't they?

  3. Dave says we can go to the mountains next week since it's only supposed to get down to freezing. Is he nuts?!! I also prefer "windows open" weather.

  4. WHEW ! So glad to hear that today was better. Must make note of these parks in case I'm ever in the area.


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