Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Our friends, George and Sharon, who live in Death Valley have been going through a pretty rough time. Sharon is the cancer survivor who puts on the Death Valley Walk for Life each year that we volunteer at. This year’s walk is going to be April 16 & 17 and we’re headed up that way to once again see if we can be of any use.

On January 28, George became gravely ill. Sharon took him to the hospital in Pahrump, NV and they flew him to the hospital here in Las Vegas. He had several things go wrong, his kidneys shut down, his lung collapsed, he got a blood clot that went to his lung, and several other things. He was on life support and about three weeks ago Sharon had decided that it was time to let him go.

The next day when she got to the hospital he was starting to improve. They were lowering the amount of oxygen they were giving him and eventually were able to move him to a regular hospital bed. But he had a relapse and he had to back to ICU.

George is not a quitter. Last Saturday he was strong enough once again to be moved to a rehab room. Sharon was feeding him his meals because he wasn’t strong enough to hold the fork. He is now progressing in leaps and bounds. We had lunch with Sharon today, Tuesday, and then went over to see George. We were amazed at how well he looked. He’s put on some weight (he lost 1/4 of his body weight) and today he was able to feed himself most of his meal. He and Jim talked about fishing, of course, and even the doctors are amazed at how well he is doing.

We are so very very happy for them. He wants to be back home in Death Valley in time for the walk so Jim told him he could supervise and order him around like I do. He thought that was a great idea.


  1. That is good news! Jim probably could use some more bossing around. :)

  2. Its always so good to hear of people staying strong and getting better. Hope your friends continue to do well.

  3. wow, although they have been through hell and life will probably be difficult for a while to come, that's great news!

  4. That is good news. Now he just needs to continue to improve.

  5. that is great news about your friend..as I was reading it I was thinking..this isn't going to end well..so glad that Jim is getting stronger and better with each passing day!

  6. WOW - I was holding my breath reading the post.


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