Wednesday, March 2, 2011


My sister, Judy, and her husband, Don, have a park model in Mesa. Last week when it rained they discovered that the rain was running into their AZ room.

Don and Jim talked over many options to fix this problem and finally decided on wooden boards and silicone sealant.

On Thursday the guys got all the materials they needed but Don wasn’t feeling great so we said we’d be back on Friday. However, he really didn’t feel good on Friday so they put it off until Saturday.

We were supposed to get some more rain Saturday night so he really wants to get this work done. The guys worked really hard and so did Judy and I. We went shopping. For me, that IS hard work.


  1. What - No Pics ??

  2. I agree; shopping is hard work. Especially since I put it off until it becomes a huge job. :(


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