Monday, March 14, 2011


After all the excitement on Friday with the roller coaster ride, I figured Jim’s heart could use a day of rest. We watched a little TV, Jim played with his new DroidX, and I read. We went to Blueberry Hill again for lunch and then headed out to the hospital to see George.

He is doing even better than when we saw him a couple of days ago. Still has many weeks of rehab to do but he was able to walk a couple of steps with help which is amazing. And he was so excited because he got his beard shaved and he felt like a new man again. It was so wonderful to see him feeling so good and the relief was visible in Sharon’s whole being.

We met up with Jerry, Janice, Jeri, and Terry at Bahama Breeze for appetizers. The weather was so perfect and we sat outside enjoying the sunshine and the company. The food was fabulous. Jeri’s blog I think will have pictures. We were too busy eating and visiting to remember to take any pictures.

We plan on leaving Monday to head back to Apache Junction. Jim has some fishing to do and we need to get our mail sent to us. We’ll be heading up to Death Valley the first part of April.


  1. I smile every time I look at your header page. Those dogs have the most beautiful expressions, and it just makes me happier looking at them.

  2. I have to agree with Gypsy...I opened your blog page for the first time today and when those two pups appeared I just had to it!

  3. Those girls scare the bejeezes out of me everyday!

    I bet your going to be glad to be back in Apache Junction to get some rest.

  4. I don't think I took many pictures of anything other than the colorful drinks when we were at Bahama Breeze but haven't looked at them yet. I've been so busy doing ... doing ... doing nothing.

  5. Nothing wrong with resting and then eating while visiting in Las Vegas!

  6. OK, So what on earth is a DroidX ??


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