Monday, August 30, 2010


We spent all of last week having work done on the coach. The slide out awning had malfunctioned and had twisted our big slide, our back up camera had lost it’s voice, the toilet lost it’s will to retain water, the oil needed to be changed and several other items had shaken loose from their nests. Total Value RV here in Elkhart really did a great job for us.

We also had the steering stabilizer installed on the coach and the tow parts put on the Avalanche. Dan’s Hitches and Trailers did that work for us. They were almost half the price of what Pierce’s RV in Billings, MT wanted for the same work.

The only problem we had was trying to live in the Avalanche for eight hours a day with the girls in the heat and humidity. It wasn’t easy but we did survive.

This week we are attending the Gypsy Journal Rally. We actually had to move about 2/10’s of a mile from Total RV to the Elkhart Campground. Not sure when I’ll have time to post again. Having too much fun this week.

But I’ll try and do better.


  1. Oh heck, wish we were at the Gypsy Journal rally with you! I've been reading Nick's blog looking for photos of people I know. You might meet Gene and Glenna who are traveling in a RoadTrek, or Tina with several dogs in a BT Cruiser, or Debbie from Florida in a PleasureWay. If you do, tell them I said Hi.

  2. Having fun is what it is all about. Post when you have time we'll wait!!

    Glad you got all things "fixed up" on the rig.

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  3. You're in the perfect place to have the work done, aren't you? I'll be interested in hearing how the steering stabilizer works for you.

  4. Ah ha! So you did go back and buy the Avalanche. Did I miss the blog?

    I didn't realize you had so many things that needed fixing. I'm glad you're getting it all taken care of.

  5. $$$$$$ so now just have some fun.

  6. Too much fun...never heard of such a thing. We are anxious to hear how the rally went. Enjoy


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