Friday, August 20, 2010


IMG_6391 I took several pictures of Nauvoo and picked out just a few of them to share with you. Historic Nauvoo has been restored by the LDS Church and there’s a wonderful article on this restoration at It is a beautiful, well kept area.

IMG_6392 Brigham Young’s house. He became the Prophet of the Church after the death of Joseph Smith and led the saints to the Salt Lake Valley.

IMG_6394 This is the brick yard where the bricks were made for these beautiful homes. There are also shops for the blacksmith, the post office, the bakery and the newspaper. I found it fascinating to learn how things were done in the 1800’s. I would have made a lousy pioneer. The heat and humidity would have done me in let alone all the hard work.

And most of this work was done by the women because the men were busy working on building the temple or were sent around the world on missions to teach the gospel.

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  1. There was a cobbler, too, when we were there. I'd never seen anyone make a shoe before.


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