Friday, August 6, 2010


IMG_6254This is the view from the deck of Phil and Heather’s home in Broadus, MT.

After millions of doctor appointments (or so it seemed), fixing broken water sprinkler systems, reseeding some of the yard, going to a wedding, visiting with as many friends as we could, eating, cleaning out compartments and running a zillion errands, we finally got to leave town. Yippee!!

We covered 167 miles our first day out and ended up in Broadus, MT for the night. We have good friends who live in Broadus and they had us out to their house for dinner. And what a dinner. It was fabulous. Had a great time catching up. Phil had been in a terrible, terrible car wreck. He slid on some ice and ran into a parked semi.

He has made an incredible comeback physically and emotionally and I really admire him. His wife, Heather, is also incredible. Between them, they have at least 10 children the youngest of which is 4. So not only did Heather have to cope with the fact her husband might die, she still had a family to take care of. But they have come through it even more in love.

An inspiration for anyone. Thank you guys for everything. (of course, we forgot to take any pictures.)


  1. What a view from their deck! I can't wait to travel in Montana.

  2. OMG I am so happy to see you are back on the road. What's your general itinerary? We're still parked in TN visiting friends, family, running errands. It won't be long before Roger will want to head to Florida. I would like to meander, he wants to go "fast".

  3. Glad your friend is recovering- the craziness you had with doctors and friends is what we will be experiencing next week....5 dr. appointments in one day...yikes....wanna get them all over with ASAP though...


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