Saturday, August 7, 2010


IMG_6257 We visited two wonderful museums today. The Power River Historical Museum in Broadus, MT and the Tri-State Museum in Belle Fourche, SD. I would highly recommend both of them. But next time I would visit them in different days. Too many wonderful things to see. And both museums are free.

IMG_6258The museum in Broadus is amazing. The town only has about 500 people but the museum is filled with wonderful, old items donated by people who have lived in this area for years. It also contains the original jail house which was built in 1919.

IMG_6256Mac’s Museum is part of the Power River Museum. Mac McCurdy put together a collection of over 22,000 seashells (largest west of the Mississippi), 1723 arrowheads from nearly every state, 2230 mineral specimens, bird eggs, and butterflies. No pictures were allowed in Mac’s Museum but it is incredible.

IMG_6262The Tri-State Museum includes a dinosaur collection, an assortment of old-fashioned wedding attire, and many fascinating items. This one scared me to death.

Can’t imagine how old time bank robbers ever thought they could get into one of these safes.



  1. That permanent wave machine does look more like some torture machine, doesn't it? Oh, the things women have done through the ages in the name of "beauty"!

  2. Doug does museums. I usually wait outside.

    They had that permanent wave machine in the museum in Florence, AZ. Oops, I went in that one.


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