Friday, September 30, 2016

Dam, It’s Time To Leave

Libby, MT  High 78  Low 49

Libby Dam that is.


Seventeen miles upstream from Libby, the dam holds back 90 miles of water in Lake Koocanusa. Forty-eight miles of the reservoir lie within U.S. borders, the other 42 miles are in Canada. Lake Koocanusa received its name in a contest to name the reservoir behind the dam. Alice Beers combined the first three letters from KOOtenai River, and the first three letters of CANada and USA.


Libby Dam was completed in 1972 in an effort to provide flood protection and to generate hydroelectric power. The Kootenai River fluctuated wildly in the spring causing flooding in Montana, Idaho and British Columbia.


“The dam is 422 feet tall and 3,055 feet long and was built to withstand an earthquake of up to 6.5 on the Richter scale with no structural damage. Forty-seven monolithic sections make up the dam, each one designed to stand on its own like individual dams. If one section were to fail, the other 46 would remain standing. Seismic monitoring equipment carefully monitors the dam for movement and structural integrity through one of the most thorough instrumentation systems in the United States.”

Kootenai River


After visiting the dam we stopped into the Cabinet Mountains Brewing Company for some great blue chips and salsa.


Our site at the Two Bit RV Park was a nice pull thru. We were visited every morning and evening by this mama and her two young’uns.


It’s now time for us to stop going north and move south a bit. But before we left Libby, we found a great RV wash bay and Jim scrubbed the Bungalow down.



  1. Nice area nut time to head south, travel safe.

  2. Love your deer photo. You guys have really been touring around, we are enjoying the scenery.

  3. Love the deer in your camp ground, lake pictures are nice too.
    Weather here is getting cooler may have a few more mid 90's but thats about it so by time you get back here it should be perfect.

  4. Can you believe we are ahead of you, going south?

  5. Hard to believe that the lake is 90 miles long - pretty area. Most of the wildlife we saw on our trip was the deer in town.

  6. You went to a Brewing Company and had blue chips and salsa. We weren't born yesterday, Sandie...hehe

  7. Oh goodness, we have to wash our rig and truck too.

    Interesting how the name came about too. Funny that on the other side of the border it's spelled Kootenay and Okanaghan.

  8. I need to find a place to scrub my truck and my trailer. I can barely tell the truck is blue! After Susan leaves and when I'm feeling better, I'm going to give the trailer a once over with "The Solution", and maybe get the truck washed. First, I have to unload the truck so I can see the floor so they can vacuum it! Glad you and Jim are enjoying gadding about. I'd never heard of Libby Dam before. Thought it was quite creative to name the lake Koocanusa.

  9. That's a different definition of house cleaning. :)

  10. The Mama and her babies were looking for a handout.


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