Saturday, September 17, 2016

Scenes from the Hi-Line

Havre, MT     Cold

Linda definitely was right. Highway 2 follows the railroad tracks all across Montana. Highway 2 from about Culbertson, MT to Cut Bank, MT is known as the Hi-Line. Nothing but wind swept rolling prairies of wheat fields and small railroad towns along the Milk River.



I’m sure most of you are tired of museums (as I am) but I took two pictures at the Blaine County Museum that I want to share.

This piano was made by Miles Kimball in 1903 and was used during the silent film era at the Orpheum Theatre in Chinook.


This desk was made in the 1880s. I thought it was so beautiful.


Dave’s Texaco is a National Registered Historic Place which is now a credit union.


Notice the girl in the Champaign glass – love these old neon signs.



There used to be a sugar beet factory in Chinook so this is a picture of their mascot.


There were donkeys at the RV park in Havre with big signs that said they bite.


Sunset in my outside truck mirror.


The same sunset from our campground.


Welcome to Shelby


Roadside sign outside Shelby


The World’s Largest Penguin in Cut Bank.


After you leave Cut Bank the mountains of Glacier Park start showing up in your windshield. Highway 2 takes you through a small portion of Glacier Park.


Before reaching Browning we stopped at Lewis and Clark’s northern most camp.


I don’t understand why people have to vandalize memorials or anything else.



The Espresso Tipi in Browning


Fall colors


North Fork of the Flathead River



  1. I bet it's really fun for you to be back on the road again. There's so much to see and so many places to visit and take pictures. That's fun for sure. I can hardly wait to get moving. Hitch itch has set in with me.

  2. We've been on Hwy 2 a couple or three times and hadn't paid attention I guess. Thanks.

  3. We drove that route in 1995 when we went to Alaska. I remember it as miles and miles of nothing but miles and miles. I wouldn't mind taking the drive again and stopping to check out the area more.

    How is the weather up there this time of the year? Fall colors out yet? The leaves are starting to turn here in PA, but it will be mid October before full color.

    Have fun out there.

  4. So much to see along the way if you take the time to look, thanks for the tour.

  5. After all that prairie it sure is nice to see the mountains! :-)

    We don't understand why people feel they have to deface property either, having said that, whoever is responsible for looking after the memorial should be trying to clean it up as soon as it happens otherwise people will just keep on tagging it.

  6. I would LOVE to have that piano! It's beautiful. Also - what a great way to stop people from feeding the donkeys - put up signs that they BITE!

  7. I loved driving US 2 a few years ago until I got to ND. Driving through Williston was just awful. I think I drove a little south and picked up state routes across Montana to Kalispell. I'd like to try it again some day, but I'd check out the situation in ND first. I remember it being difficult at times to find a motel because so many oil workers were using them as long term rentals (and driving up the price at the same time.)

  8. I was going to take 2 back to the east coast in 2010, but I didn't have enough time because my friend's daughter was getting married in Atlanta. I wondered what it was like. I love your museum stories. Unbelievable the carving on that desk--imagine how long that took. I remember thinking the same thing about vandalism on Cumbres Pass near Chama--the summit sign was so shot full of bullets that it couldn't be read.

  9. I keep thinking I might like to drive Rt 2 across the country. I see there is already snow on the mountains.

  10. I guess he was disappointed multiple times since he also named Cape Disappointment at the mouth of the Columbia. Never could understand that one since they succeeded in their mission and reached the Pacific.

  11. I guess he was disappointed multiple times since he also named Cape Disappointment at the mouth of the Columbia. Never could understand that one since they succeeded in their mission and reached the Pacific.


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