Thursday, September 29, 2016

A Walk Among The Ancient Cedars

Libby, MT  High  66 Low 47

Not far from Libby are the Ross Creek Cedars which is a grove of western red cedars. Many of the trees still growing in the grove were here before Columbus set sail for the new world.


Some of these trees grow up to 12 feet in diameter and 175 feet in height. There is some question as to how old the trees are but they are at least 500 years old and some may be 800 years old.


The four mile road up to the grove is pretty much one lane so I was sure glad we didn’t meet anybody going up or down. Saw some beautiful fall colors along the way.



There is a mile long trail through the cedars with a few benches along the way. This grove is like a rain forest and even though the pictures look sunny, the sunshine did not reach the ground and it was cold (at least for me).



We got off the main trail a couple of times but eventually found our way back and continued on. These trees are amazing and I had never heard about them til I started researching the Libby area.


We were the only people on the trail and it was quiet and peaceful. Heard birds chirping but couldn’t ever find them in the trees. Three people were starting on the trail as we reached the end.






I know I’m short, but wow.


A view of the mountains coming down out of the cedars.



  1. Very pretty. If only the trees could talk.

  2. I love it when we are the only ones on the trail. Not so much when the reason is cold weather, though.

  3. I'm always impressed with giant old trees like these.

  4. Love those ancient trees! I also love your current weather, and am hoping for something close to that soon.

  5. You're on a roll. I love the trees to look at and walk through but not to camp under and especially at this time of year.

  6. Was there in July and it is a gorgeous grove of trees. I also had to back track a few times in order to find the right trail but well worth the hike.

  7. What a gorgeous hike. You photos are so beautiful. I just love all those fall colors. Great job!

  8. OH I would love to be there. Those trees are just beautiful and the changing colors are so vivid.

  9. Love those cedar trees. That looks like a great hike. Your weather is similar to ours here in north GA.

  10. We sure enjoyed our hike amongst the cedars there

  11. I also love your current weather, and am hoping for something close to that soon.

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