Saturday, September 15, 2012

Route 66

Lake Pleasant, AZ  High 91  Low 68


I’ve already shared most of our Las Vegas Adventure with you. After swimming our way home from the Vet’s office, we left the girls snug and dry and went to visit our friend Steve. Turns out he had parent-teacher conferences all evening (he teaches Special Ed) but Peter was home and we got to catch up with him for a couple of hours.

Went to Dessy’s for dinner (they have a fantastic salad bar) and back to the rig. Left the next morning and stopped at the Blake Ranch RV Park about 12 miles east of Kingman, AZ.

It was early afternoon and I just can’t pass up a chance to do some exploration. We drove out Route 66 to Hackberry.




Hackberry is a former mining town that became a ghost town when I-40 by passed the town in 1978.



In 1992 the Hackberry General Store was reopened as a Route 66 information post.


If you're a fan of historic Route 66, a visit to Hackberry should be a "must-do" if you're visiting this part of Arizona.

We headed back down Route 66 to the Route 66 Museum on Andy Devine Blvd in Kingman, AZ.



Only problem is, we got there about 4:45 and they close at 5:00. They let us in without paying the $3 entrance fee and we made a quick dash through the museum. It’s not very big and there is a lot of reading which we skipped.


Here are a couple of pictures that we took.



Next stop – Lake Pleasant, AZ.



  1. Looks like a fun day, Tracy and I need to get up that way for some exploring once things cool down around January. :-)

  2. No fair, you're doing what we want to do! Rt 66, end to end is one trip we're looking to do soon.

  3. Look s great, awesome pictures. We hope to take 66 some day as well.

    Have fun!


  4. What a cute idea for a visitor's center. I would have spent hours there just looking at everything.

  5. Two highways I love - one is Hwy 395, and the other is Route 66. Want to spend more time on 66 and see the museums, historical sites, etc. Enjoyed your photos.

  6. Wow! Hackberry looks like my kind of place. I've always wanted to do that road, but never got the chance. You've convinced me to try harder.

  7. Neat place. See Scooter is out walking too. Good news.

  8. Riding on my motorcycle at least a small portion of Route 66 is on my bucket list.

  9. Sure would like to see some of the sites along RTE 66, hopefully soon. Sure have been following along on your journey back home. Nice pic's

  10. Great pics of all the old stuff in Hackberry - I really like those old style gas pumps.

  11. We have visited Hackberry, loved it, took a zillion pictures. Also the Route 66 Museum. If you were going to be in Kingman longer, we'd recommend going out 66 to Valentine to visit a very interesting wild animal rescue operation. They have lions and tigers but no bears (oh, my!). Most of their animals have either been mistreated show animals or exotic pets that grew too big for a small apartment. That's worth at least three hours. Thanks for letting us revisit part of Route 66 with you!

  12. Route 66 - we saw a different part. Romance!

  13. We took the kids along part of rte 66 years ago and had a blast.


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