Monday, September 3, 2012


No, I didn’t play. But my great-niece,Courtney, did. I have never been to a soccer game. In fact, I’ve never watched one on TV – not even the Olympics. But I found myself really getting involved with Courtney’s game today and totally enjoyed it.

(Courtney is the granddaughter who made the cookies a couple of posts ago.)



It was a family reunion for my sister, Judy. Courtney’s Dad, Chris, is her son and he and his wife, Randi, and their son, Zach were at the game. Also Judy’s son Wade and his family were there. They live in Emmitt, Idaho and had come over for the long week-end. It was a lot of fun getting to see them all again.

Brothers – Wade and Chris


Judy, Wade’s wife Nikki (hiding behind her daughter), Katie and her brother Kody. (There are two other younger sisters but I never did get a picture of them.)




Randi – (Chris’s wife and Courtney’s Mom)


Great game, Courtney. Glad we were here to watch it.


  1. Soccer is like hockey with shoes.

  2. I enjoyed watching my youngest grandson's first soccer game a couple of years ago, he scored two on each end of the field. :c)

  3. All three of my kids played soccer when they were in school, so I've been to a lot of games. Just never could get too excited about it though. I prefer watching little league. :)

  4. We used to have season tickets to the Minnesota Kicks soccer games. I'm not much on sports but at least with soccer they spend all their time playing--there are no boring time outs that take forever. Makes it harder to take a bathroom break, though; seems like I was always coming back to cheering for the play I just missed.

  5. I went to my first soccer game in July. Had never been to one either, but it was my 5 year old nephews game & I was up in Pa visiting with them. How fun it was to watch those tiny kids scramble. I'm pretty sure that Courtney's game was a bit more serious though ;-)


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