Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Man and Water

Shelley, ID  High 69  Low 44


There is absolutely no way I can expect to keep Jim away from fishing when we are camped near water. Last night he gathered up his fishing pole and headed down to the shore.

He caught a couple of small trout that he turned loose and came home a very happy, contented man.


A few more pictures of the lake and campground.




Clark Canyon Reservoir is the site of Camp Fortunate, one of the more significant spots along the Lewis and Clark Trail. It was at Camp Fortunate that the Lewis and Clark expedition met the Lemhi Shoshoni Tribe, and cached their canoes and a stash of supplies for the return trip. It was here that Sacagawea was reunited with her people.

The smoky skies make for beautiful sunsets.



Tonight we are at the North Bingham County RV Park. We found this park on our way north and it is just wonderful. $18 for w/e. It’s near Shelley, ID. We’re having fish for dinner.




  1. I'm so glad Jim is getting to fish in Idaho. Very few places as beautiful as the central and northern portions of the state (Sawtooths) in my opinion. I still remember how Stanley and Redfish Lakes took my breath away as all of the scenery did in that area. Hope Jim catches a big one, Sandie!

  2. I wonder what Jim would say when he could dip his bait into the waters of the Bay of Fundy and haul up 4 mackerels after 1 minute. You would never manage to move him anywhere else after that.
    Great post!

  3. glad you are having a cool trip home....and aren't we glad Sacagawea met up with her long lost brother..our history could have been completely different if that had not happened! Just sayin.



  4.! One of our favorite meals.
    Beautiful sunset photos. You are becoming quite the photographer.

  5. Hmm, does Jim need one of those 12 step programs?

  6. I always thought it would be neat to travel following the Lewis and Clark Trail. Looks like a nice place to stay for a few days.

  7. At least you're on the road so if he's fishing and you're traveling, you're both happy.

  8. Lots of cod to be caught here !! LOL


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