Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Happy Kind of Day

Apache Junction, AZ  High  102  Low 69

Monday morning we actually found Aunt Happy at home. She twisted her knee on Friday so that was slowing her down some so we could catch up.


She turned 99 in August and is still doing great. A friend had given her a new telephone for her birthday and Jim showed her how to get her messages off the answering machine. She also had a few other chores for him like reaching things up on a shelf.

We had a fun visit and she is very happy that we are back and close by.


Monday night we got together with Jeri and Terry for dinner. I’ll have to post a picture later after I “borrow” it from Jeri. They were in town for a few days and it sure was good to see them again. They are headed back to Washington but will be getting ready to bring the motorhome south for the winter.

Tuesday was the first doctor’s appointment and it went even better than we expected. The doctor had him cut his high blood pressure medication in half. We knew he was doing good but that is wonderful.

It’s hot. 102 here and the same for the next couple of days. Next week it’s down to 98 and everybody is excited that it’s not going to be triple digits.

In spite of the heat, I am really glad to be here. It truly felt like coming home. I think Scooter agrees.


Skittlez is happy as long as Jim has a red cup because she knows it has milk in it and she gets to finish it up.


Definitely a happy kind of day for all of us.


  1. Cute pups, maybe the heat feels good on Scooter's sore legs.

  2. Hm. Looks like you have some spam there. I get those once in a while. Some guy selling real estate in Florida. It's the "tricky" kind of spam? You THINK it's an actual proper comment, but it's not.

    I'm sure "Aunt Happy" is glad to have you 'young folks' come by and help sort out a couple little chores!
    Hard to fathom that she's 99!
    You know, some days I 'feel old'. I may have to reconsider. I have forty+ more years before I get close to Aunt Happy's age! Holy Moly!
    Oh, and great news on the meds. Truly a Happy Day.

  3. Yes...it certainly looks like happy times!

  4. Aunt Happy looks wonderful.I wish I looked that good at 61...hehe

    So glad the doctor appt. went well. Must be a great relief.

    Nice to see Skittlez getting her daily dosage of dairy.

  5. Happy all the way around it looks like to me! And Aunt Happy is amazing...my goal is to be like her!Glad Jim got a good report..

  6. Is Happy a nick name or is it her real given name? Your Aunt Happy doesn't look 99 !

  7. Good news all the way around! Great about Jim's BP. Aunt Happy certainly doesn't look 99! And, it looks like Scooter is feeling much better. Glad you had such a happy day.:)

  8. It's great to see your Aunt Happy looking so good at 99. Hope she enjoys her new phone.

  9. It's good to have happy days. I'm happy, too, about Jim's BP meds.

  10. We echo just about everybody else's comments; we came in late, so that will have to do for now. Once Suzy gets her knee back in working shape, we'd like to plan on a get-together with you guys here, there, or in between.

  11. It was great to see both of you again AND to borrow a little space in your shed until we get back here too! Aunt Happy sure is looking fit as a fiddle.

  12. It is great to have those 'happy' days! Love that Scooter! Looks like what Luci would do...

  13. The "kids" look like they are having so much fun! So does Aunt Happy. :c)

  14. Scooter reminds me so much of Cooper, doing all the antics. The heat probably makes the back feel better. Can you believe we had to turn our furnace on last night...brr. The leaves should be changing now.

  15. omg ... Is this great or what?! 99 and her name is Aunt Happy?! What a great post to read as I'm lying here trying to shut my mind off to go to sleep ! It's justvezndering around all over the place ..,

    Love it

    1. Haaa see? That would be just wandering around

      Haaa oh me

  16. 99 is great especially if your Aunt Happy. I love visiting with my older relatives. They have fantastic stories of long long time ago. We got my grandfather at 90 to put his life history on a cassette several years ago. (obviously cassette)... he traveled across Kansas in a covered wagon. Who knew?? And we have listened to that several times. Especially came in handy doing some Geneology. You and she will be amazed at what she can remember and what she has accomplished in her life. now with video might be a good project for Aunt Happy.

  17. Happy days are treasured days indeed. Always a big boost to have favorable medical reports coming back. Don't know if I would be too happy about 102 degrees though. That's pretty amazing about your Aunt Happy being 99 & still in as good a shape as she is. Looks like she will blow right through the 100 year mark with no problem & just keep right on going:))

  18. Your Aunt looks great for 99 I would have guessed 80. Glad everything is going well. Stay Happy!

  19. Poor Scooter has fallen over from the heat ! LOL


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