Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Helena, It’s a Go For Takeoff!

Clark Canyon Reservoir, MT  High 79  Low 39

But not without having more fun times. Jeff and Tina pulled into town for the night and stayed at the Wally World campground. We were headed out for dinner with my niece, Kim, so we just swung by and picked up Jeff and Tina to join us.

Love these bar stools:


Jeff wanted to know if he needed to dig out his tux for the evening but we were able to convince him that he just might be a tad overdressed.


Went to the Grubstake and had great food and lots of great conversation. Kim just doesn’t quite understand how people can sell their house and live in this thing on wheels but I think even she had fun listening to our exploits.


Wednesday morning we had everything ready to go early, but because we are only going 150 miles to a boondocking location, we decided we had time to surprise a few folks.

I worked for the IRS here in Helena for several years and the first Wednesday of every month, many of those retired IRSers get together for coffee. Today Jim and I joined them. Got so busy talking that I forgot to take any pictures. Was fun to see everybody again and I’m looking forward to meeting up with them again next summer.

Not A Very Pretty Scene

This is a picture of Butte, MT as you come down the hill into town. All that you can see is smoke from the forest fires. It was terrible.


We stopped at a rest stop about 40 miles south of Butte and this is a picture of the mountain there. Yep, there is a mountain back there somewhere.


Tonight we are camped at Clark Canyon Reservoir about 15 miles south of Dillon, MT. As you go across the dam you cross the 45th parallel.


If you go across the dam, you’ll find a campground with full hookups for $15 a night with your America the Beautiful Senior Pass. However, if you stay on the side of the reservoir that is closest to the highway, you can camp for free which is what we are doing. We have a beautiful breeze and gorgeous views of the lake (when the smoke dissipates ).



Goofy Girl (can you find Scooter?)




  1. You two do manage to squeeze in a lot of visiting and fun, not to mention all the fine eats! :)

  2. HAHAHA...Scooter is such a card!
    You site looks so nice. Lots of open space. Please be careful around those fires. Just terrible.

  3. Was wondering why you are coming home a little early...hope all will be well with the doctor's appt...

  4. nice free spot you have for the night!!!..enjoy the breeze!

  5. Glad you're on the road again. I bet you are even happier than I am. That smoke sure is ugly. We were in a similar situation in California a few years back.

  6. Cute Scooter picture. Looked like a nice spot to spend the night and a fun meal with your friends. Hard to believe how heavy that smoke is over Butte. Safe travels to you both.

  7. Now that you've crossed that 45th parallel, just make sure you keep heading South and not the other way. With all that smoke it might be easy to get turned around... ;c)

  8. So glad to see you guys are back on the road ! I'll be behind you very shortly !


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