Monday, September 10, 2012

All Aboard

Ely, NV  High 82  Low 55

First thing, we went for breakfast at the All Aboard Cafe. I sure wish I could tell you that it was a wonderful breakfast, but it wasn’t. Eggs were runny even after returning them for more cooking. Toast and potatoes were cold and the bacon very limp. Extremely disappointing.


However, the next part of our morning was excellent.

We headed down the street to the Ely Train Station and a step back into the 19th Century.


Jim waiting to board.


Our conductor, Richard,


hollered All Aboard and we climbed into the passenger car being pulled by old Engine 93.


Engine 93


#93 is a one of four Consolidations built by Alco in 1909 for the American Smelters Securities Co., to haul ore trains on the Nevada Northern Railway at a cost of $17,610.

Steam from Engine 93.


The locomotive weighs 187,000 lbs, 168,000 lbs on its drivers, and has 51" drivers and 21" x 30" cylinders. A coal burner operating at a boiler pressure of 190 psi it delivers 41,890 lbs tractive effort.


I took so many pictures but I’ve tried to pick out just the ones I really think are special.

So much rusty stuff, Diana would love it here.



Mining town ruins





It was a wonderful journey and we are both glad we took the time to ride the rails.

This afternoon we went down to the Hotel Nevada. It opened in 1929 and was the tallest building in the state as well as the first fire-proof building. Rooms rented for $1.50 and up, “All with private toilet; 85% with private bath.”


Prohibition was still in effect when the hotel opened, and from the beginning bootlegged refreshment and gambling were available 24 hours a day. “Bathtub Gin” made from raw alcohol, water, and flavorings and “White Lightening” was conveniently supplied by local individuals.



I won $60 when I put in my $5 that I allowed for gambling. Believe me, I cashed out.

Jim said to be sure and tell all of you THANKS for the birthday wishes. He doesn’t like getting older but he had a great week-end.


  1. Tell Jim that getting older is better than the other option!! Looks like you had a wonderful day and a wonderful time. I hate to order breakfast out because I usually get my eggs over easy regardless of how I order them.

  2. Hi, Jim and Sandie, I know I've been in Ely--probably several times. I went back to search over 500 pages of diary with the word Ely. It got me nowhere! LOL What I was looking for was whether it was the town we waited in while a tow truck came to tow us a couple hundred miles off Highway 50. The town I remember had murals and a park with ducks and a black swan in it and if my memory serves me correctly, a statue of an indian.

    I don't remember a train--could be our minds were pre-occupied with the issues at hand with the motorhome. Then, again, it may have been a totally different town!

    Loved your description of the Ely--you have such a talent for writing, Sandie.

    Belated Happy Birthday to Jim. On with my search about Ely. Maybe a search using the word "swan"?

  3. Add my belated birthday wishes to Jim, please. I love a bacon and egg breakfast, but limp bacon and runny eggs? I couldn't have eaten it.

  4. Woo-hoo! Thanks for the rusty stuff pictures. I love the picture of the train going into the tunnel.

  5. What a great birthday gift for Jim , a train ride, it doesn't get any better than that, When Donna went to Wisconsin to visit Karen in the Woods she took us on a steam train ride and i got to ride in the engine on the firemans side, she even took video's of from the car behind us. What a gal. I hope to get to the Nevada railroad one of these days once we head out.Have a great week, Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  6. I somehow missed the post where Jim got older....... Hate it when that happens, not getting older, because the alternative isn't good, but not keeping up with a blog that you try to.....

    So Happy Birthday Jim, and I'm envious of that train ride. Not much is pulled by steam these days..


  7. Great train ride. We love riding the rails! Nice details on the locomotive, have you committed those specs to memory?

  8. You were wise to choose the passenger car over the open-top gondola. Too many cinders. Glad you enjoyed most of the day.

  9. Oooo going to have to add Ely to my bucket list. Joe and I both love trains of any age and also enjoy old mining towns and ghost towns. Thanks for sharing

  10. Hey, Sounds like you two are having FUN...all except for breakfast, that is......oh well...another is what it is.
    Hope you had a very happy birthday, completely left my mind...we went to Yellowtail Dam, it's been two years since we saw the scenes there. It was fun !!!
    We all (the Walleyes Forever) had a BBQ later in the day and then on the way home we stopped at Fromberg and visited with some of our old friends who just moved there from Thompson Falls...we hadn't seen their place yet since they moved back, they used to live in Billings...anyway it was a fun day and then the next morning on the Facebook I was reminded that it was your Birthday,Jim and I was going to NOT forget it..Ha!! Famous last words from my little pea pickin' really upsets me at times (more than I want) that I will forget something so important. Anyway HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY,JIM. Sandie mentioned going to make Czechwan Chicken for you....I'm curious...what is Czechwan Chicken and what nationality is it? Sounds very interesting and I'll bet it is delicious...will you share a recipe with me? Love to you both...Really enjoy your blog Love, Carol and Bill M.

  11. Thanks, you rekindled memories of my ride on train a couple of years ago. Nice pictures.

  12. Happy Belated Birthday to Jim and his Birthday train ride looked great. Safe travels to AZ!

  13. Well thanks for the tour. It was snowing when we were there in April and we just wanted to get outta there. We did comment on that All Board Cafe, glad we didn't go.

  14. We're thinking of taking a train ride here in North Carolina...looks like fun.

  15. I knew Sam would enjoy this post!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  16. I know you had a marvelous birthday Jim!
    I know how much you love trains Sandie. Glad you had a wonderful ride.

  17. We love train rides,, but that conductor looks a bit scary:)

  18. That train ride sure looked like it would be a lot of fun.


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