Monday, September 17, 2012

A Pleasant Weekend

Lake Pleasant, AZ  High 94  Low 72

We left Kingman and continued down Highway 93 to just past Wickenburg where we turned onto Highway 74. The last time we took this route, construction was the name of the game.  Not this time. We sailed right along with nary a stop.

There are two RV parks at Lake Pleasant. One is a private RV Park. We spent one night there and will not go there again. Any place that charges extra for animals is not going to get my business more than once. If I have to pay extra for the girls, then I would expect the resort to be doing the pick up duty. Sorry, that’s a real pet peeve of mine.

The other park is a Maricopa County Regional Park. It has beautiful sites that look out over the water with water/electric and a dump station. The sites are $25/night with a 14 day stay limit.


The view from our site.


We are here because on Saturday morning Jim had a guided fishing trip scheduled. (Love those Groupons.)



The fishing trip was a great success. These fish are called stripers (striped bass) and are almost as good eatin’ as walleye. They are now in our freezer as filets.


Wild burros wander around Lake Pleasant. They are beyond cute – BUT – they are really noisy at night when they are outside your rig braying and it’s 2:00 a.m. I’ve learned to sleep with highway noise and trains running along side the RV parks, but I haven’t mastered sleeping through the braying and the coyotes singing.



Scooter is very happy to be back in the desert where she can lay her old body on the hot rocks and soak up that sunshine. (I can so relate.)


Good evening.



  1. Aww that picture of Scooter kills me!! She looks so comfy laying there. I can almost feel the relief!
    The Donkeys are so cute. Pretty color and all.

  2. Enjoyed reading this post; I can almost "be there" with the description and photos, and hearing the donkeys braying and coyotes singing. Thanks!

  3. Great fishing Jim. Glad you had a good day.
    Scooter cracks me up. She and Bella should get together. Bella loves lying in the sun also.

  4. Your post makes me feel like I had better be scheduling Arizona into the plans for the winter of 2013-14. All I need now is a picture of a saguaro. :)

  5. Wow, Jim had quite a haul! My son loves to fish. Rich liked crabbing, but never got into fishing. I think he was too impatient. :)

    In Nebraska, the coyotes were incredible. I've never had the pleasure of being awakened by a donkey, though! :) I think maybe we didn't spend enough time in the desert--we never even saw a burro or donkey!

    I had to pay $5. each for Jack and Lizzie when I camped in a state park in Virginia. I was meeting a group of women so I had to cough it up, but not without some questions which seemed to annoy the person at check-in. I was alone, and usually they don't charge for 1 extra person. Should my charge be 1/2--I never expected it to be.

    My dogs do not take showers or use the toilets. That saves them money.

    My dogs don't use electricity. That saves them money.

    I pick up after my dogs. They don't bark. They don't go running around campgrounds like unsupervised kids.

    Of course, it was a waste of my breath, but I felt better about expressing my displeasure.

    I only had one other similar but worse experience at a private campground. It was in Florida. The charge was $10 (cash). to be refunded upon inspection (of their filthy site) before I left. If they found any dog waste, I wouldn't get my refund. I told the owner that for them to keep my $10. I would want a DNA test done to see if the poop matched my pups. As I said, the site was disgusting when I pulled in, but I was tired and I don't like to drive at night so I didn't unhitch, just wanted to get some rest. The next morning I stopped in the office to tell them I was ready for the inspection. They told me that they would do it after I left and they would put the refund on my credit card and it would show up in a couple of days. I told them that was unacceptable--I wanted my $10. in cash and I wasn't leaving without it, and I didn't.

    One other time I was charged a dollar (as an after thought) because I had Jack with me.

    I'm glad to see you agree at the absurdity of charging extra for a pet. :)

  6. "Pet" peeve - lol. Yeah, that's ridiculous. Are dogs going to tear up their carpeting? Are they going to chew their screen door? The BLM/NFS are pretty good landlords.

  7. OOOO, love the sunset and Scooter pictures!!!

  8. I admire your stand on not staying in places which charge for pets! Glad you are enjoying the heat--nice fish!

  9. Lake Pleasant is so beautiful. What a beautiful park but alas ... no monthly winter rate. Good catch, Jim!

  10. we have stayed at two parks who charge extra for one point I said that maybe they should follow the dog around with a golden shovel to pick up the poop for the $5 a day charge..they reduced it to $3.00..still not happy but not much you can do about it..

  11. Oh, wow... sleeping with braying donkeys! and coyotes? man....

    It tickles me every time I get to wifi and plug in my laptop to check on blogs ... try to get caught up! and see those faces of your dawgs...

    HAHaaaa.... POP there they are... soooo cute

  12. I can see charging for dogs in hotel rooms but in a campground. That's clearly just another way to get into your wallet. Good for you for moving. Cute picture of Scooter enjoying the sun. Rusty used to love lying on our back deck in full sunshine. His fur would be so hot but he just soaked up the sun. Sometimes I made him move as I was afraid he would get overheated with that heavy coat he had. Poppy is the exact opposite and loves to roll in the snow! Dogs are such interesting people haha!!

  13. I'd no sooner pay extra for dogs (don't have one, so that's kinda easy) than pay for rocks to put in my garden. And people do BOTH.
    What was that quote that was (falsely) attributed to P.T. Barnum?

  14. Hmmm, so the pups can poop anyplace other than YOUR site and it's okay. Doesn't make sense. I bet a lot of those that have to pay the extra DON'T pick up the poop because they figure they have already paid.

    One should pick their pets poop; that being said, it is picked up and there should be no extra charge.

  15. We have not a seen a burro in the wild. Keep watching for them though.

  16. OH I'd be outraged as well if I had to pay extra for my dog. That is just ridiculous !!


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