Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Exploring Lincoln County, NV

Caliente, NV   High 84  Low 48

Scooter is doing much better. Good meds can do that for you. Her hind legs still won’t work to help her up the stairs but that’s okay. She’s learned to wait for us to lift her up. They work just fine coming down the stairs and also when she’s out chasing critters. She still isn’t back to feeling great but she isn’t in any pain most of the time and that’s a good thing.

Back to exploring.

I used to spend time in this part of Nevada when I was much, much younger. I had three friends (well more than that but these are ones that belong in this story) and we spent several years together. There was my roommate, Rose; my classmate from business school, Steve (I’ve written about him before – he lives in Las Vegas and we sometimes park in his driveway); and our friend, Phares.

Phares is from this area of Nevada. We would often take the train out of Salt Lake City, get off in Caliente and spend week-ends exploring this area.

Caliente Train Depot (now used for city offices)


I haven’t seen Phares is probably 30 years and the last I had heard, he was a Ranger in Nevada. He was raised in Panaca, so my wonderful husband stopped at the grocery store there and asked the clerk if she knew Phares. She said the last she knew he was living in Caliente. I was ready to give up but not Jim. Back in Caliente he went in the hardware store and found a clerk that knew him and the general area he lived. Also knew he drove a green Ford Explorer. We drove around and around looking for the vehicle with no luck.

Jim stopped a guy on the street and he had only lived in Caliente for two years so no go. We drove around another block (Jim’s doesn’t believe in giving up) and there was another gentlemen walking down the sidewalk. Jackpot! He pointed two houses down the street and told us to go around to the back door.

Yes! We found Phares. However, he had a terrible cold and looked miserable so I didn’t bring out the camera. Hopefully when we get back through this way again he’ll feel much better. Had a short visit and now have his phone number.

We also visited Pioche and Cathedral Gorge, but that will be a separate post.

Love those clouds.



  1. Nice to hear that scooter is improving and that you located your friend WOW! that was some rain storm you showed pictures of yesterday.

  2. So sorry Phares wasn't feeling well. I am sure he is thrilled you didn't take his photo!

  3. Jim is persistent! Old friends are the best!

  4. That's the beauty of smaller towns. If you live there someone will know you. :)

  5. Interesting to be able to track one down that way. It sure wouldn't happen someplace else. In small towns everyone knows everyone and all about them too.
    Glad to hear Scooter is improving.

  6. So happy about Scooter. Glad you found your friend, Phares.

  7. Jim always gets his man (but not always his fish)... ;c)

  8. You can run, but you can't a small town, anyway. Glad to hear you met up with your friend.

  9. We saw that place the last time we explored (year before last) and wondered what it was. We didn't stop but it looked interesting. Glad you found your friend and that Scooter is feeling better. Saw a Doxie on TV news show that weighed 71 lbs., poor thing could barely walk!

  10. Nevada is one State in the West we have not explored YET,it is on our list in 2-3 years from now.
    We always had a German Shepard but when the last one pasted away we decided not to have a dog anymore because of our travels,but can relate to your feelings.
    All the best.


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