Monday, June 21, 2010


zoey I want to introduce all of you to Zoey. She is the latest addition to our family. My son and his girlfriend, Michaela, have now committed themselves to 14 or so years of taking care of a wonderful Beagle.

She is 3 months old and is sooo adorable. However Scooter and Skittlez were notzoey1 impressed. Scooter wanted to make sure she knew who was the Alpha dog and Skitz was scared to death of her. Zoey, of course, just wanted to play. A good time was not had by all.

We had a Beagle by the name of Ginger before we got the doxies. She was probably the best dog in the whole world. Beagle’s are such good companions, have a great temperament, are smart, and can be easily trained. My only problem with them is the shedding. I think they made a very wise choice.zoey3


  1. OMG Zoey is so adorable! What a cute little face.

  2. Such a sweet puppy! We recently were introduced to Beagles from our friends who came to visit with their Beagle, Hanna. We fell in love with her. If we were ever to get a dog, it would be a Beagle. They really do have such wonderful personalities. She is just adorable.

  3. I thought at first you were taking on a new puppy. What a cutie Zoey is.

  4. We sure do love our new family addition :)


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