Tuesday, June 29, 2010


IMG_5975 Our son David lives in Kalispell with his wife Kelly and our granddaughter Katie. While we were working we didn’t really get to spend much time with our kids so this is a wonderful opportunity for us to get to know them so much better.

IMG_5977 David is a full time Dad and Kelly works at an aquarium shop in town.

Katie loves to be active. She’s a 9 year old perpetual motion machine. She loves to fish, hunt, shoot her bow and arrow, gymnastics, swimming, fitness team, biking and anything else she can find.

IMG_6052Pretty impressive fish don’t you think?

IMG_6054They have Saturday night races at the track outside of Kalispell so guess where everyone went. (I love that red hair – her granddad’s was a darker red when I met him.)



  1. Wow Katie is growing up fast!! I can't belive she's 9!!

    And I'm jealous that THEY get to go to races while the BMP here is closed this season :( Even the drag strip is closed. I think I'm having racing withdrawls :(

  2. thanks grandma for putting me on your blog!!!


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