Sunday, June 13, 2010


Copy of IMG_5775 If you are ever near Exit 274 (near Three Forks, MT) along I-90, you really need to stop at the Wheat Montana store. It’s right at the exit and a great place to fuel up.

But the best part is the bakery. We’ve never stopped there when it hasn’t been packed with peoCopy of IMG_5773ple and this day was no exception. I was hoping to take a couple of pictures inside to show you their wares, but there were just too many people. So I grabbed two caramel rolls and got out of there. The rolls taste even better than they look.

This is a definite stop if you are ever near by. Copy of IMG_5776


  1. Loved the sign! Rolls looked terrific!

  2. We're going to "roll" right by there on the 5th and pick some up. Thanks for the tip!


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