Monday, June 7, 2010


chapsWhat comes to mind when you hear the word Chaps? Cowboys, horses, cattle, leather? How about steaks, beans, biscuits, or chicken fried steak? Well, those words all came to my mind when I heard about a restaurant called Chaps.

IMG_5749We met up with our friends Judy and Gary for dinner. They are from Billings and were in Spokane for their grandson’s graduation. We were parked at the Casino but they decided to settle into a campground since they were going to be there for a few days.

Their daughter recommended two restaurants that were close together (just not quite where the GPS thought they should be). One was Latah Bistro and the other was Chaps. We decided that the Bistro just might be fancier than we wanted so off to Chaps we go.

Definitely not what we expected. The restaurant is in an old farm IMG_5754house and is filled with miss-matched chairs and tables as well as antiques.

The menu is limited and was NOT good old cowboy comfort food. Gary had the poached salmon, Judy and I had the chicken breast which came on a bed of salad, and Jim had the coated chicken breast. Not a steak to be found. It was wonderful. We will put this place on our list of places to return to.


  1. Glad the food was good, but I'm with you on "Chaps". Wonder why they chose that name?


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