Saturday, June 26, 2010


IMG_5899 Several years ago Todd and I made a trip from Kalispell to Great Falls. At this spot on Highway 89 I nearly killed us. I took the corner way too fast and Todd’s side of the car actually hung out in the air over the edge of the road.IMG_5904

The pictures don’t look like it’s very steep, but believe me it is. That was probably 15 years ago and I still remember right where that spot is.IMG_5905

If you ask Todd the two things he remembers best about his childhood – one of them will be the “thrill” of looking straight down out the car window and the other is when I nearly burned his tongue off with some hot chocolate.

I’m such a wonderful mother. But he did survive.


  1. Just realized you are back posting again. Hell Creek looks nice, but I would have a difficult time staying too long with Internet and TV.

    You have had some bad weather!

    I enjoyed the photos of Montana - that's some really wide open space.

  2. No wonder you never drive. Jim's afraid to let you!

  3. Hahaha. It doesn't look like I remember it. But then again I picture a 1000 foot drop cliff that I'm looking straight down :) love you Mom, you did a great job!


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