Sunday, June 13, 2010


mt2 Thought I’d share a couple of pictures that I took on I-90 from Three Forks to Billings.mt2

See Jeri, not a whole lot of trees. mt The river is the Yellowstone. Billings is built on the Yellowstone and this is a picture I took as we crossed the bridge to get to our son’s house. The river is higher than it’s been in years which is a good thing. But it’s also really, really muddy because of all the rain and debris.mt3

While we were in Billings I heard on the news of a river rescue. The current in the Yellowstone isn’t as strong as in the Columbia but when the river is this high and cold, you can definitely drown. A women had jumped into the river because she saw a fawn that had gotten into trouble in the river and she wanted to save it. Then a man went in after her when she couldn’t get out of the current. Someone on the bank called the police and they were able to rescue all three of them. According to the police the moral of this story is: Wear a life jacket when you jump in the river to save a deer.


  1. I'm really hoping and praying to be able to go through Montana on my next trip east. Your pictures make me want to see it even more!

  2. I see. I see. It was a long time ago when I went through Montana.

  3. It looks so coooool there. Only 103 yesterday. We have this trip backwards...all due to Paul's back. Oh well, we are on our way to Ohio...cooler...on Sunday. Take care.

  4. Nice Montana photos. Wondering if you are glad to be back "home" and how many miles you've traveled?


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