Tuesday, June 29, 2010


IMG_6002 Jim and I drove up to Hungry Horse Dam. We lived in this area for five years and never made it up to the dam. Now we visit for less than a week and we go up there. Isn’t that how it always seems to go? IMG_6018 IMG_6005

IMG_6009Osprey nests are everywhere in this area. They have a tendency to build them on the top of power lines so the power company will build a platform   IMG_6015                                                       that attaches to the top of the power pole and move the nest up to the platform. Here at the dam the nest is high in the fire dead trees.

IMG_6021 This is the big blow hole – if the lake gets too full the water will run into this hole and enter down on the other side of the dam into the Flathead River.

There is a small town near the dam called Hungry Horse. Strange name. Great story.

Two draft horses were working in the rugged wilderness of the Flathead River’s South Fork area. They wandered away from their sleigh during the severe winter of 1900-1901. After struggling for a month in the belly-deep snow, they were finally found but were so starved and weak that considerable care and feeding were needed to nurse them back to health. Their owner talked about his hungry horses and the name was changed to Hungry Horse and given to the town and the reservoir.

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