Thursday, December 10, 2009


USS Drum is the first Navy ship named after the drum, any of various types of fish capable of making a drumming sound.

Drum arrived at Pearl Harbor on 1 April 1942, and after a voyage to Midway Atoll, cleared Pearl Harbor on April 14 on her first war patrol. Cruising off the coast of Japan, she sank the Mizuho on May 2 and afterwards endured a 16 hour depth charge attack consisting of 31 depth charges. Later that month she sank three cargo ships before returning to Pearl Harbor on June 12 to refit.
The drum was cleared to Midway on August 9 on what would have been her 14th war patrol; this trip was cut short by the Japanese surrender on August 15.

The Drum is now located in Battleship Memorial Park in Mobile, AL. It has been restored to the point that you can actually go down into the submarine and be amazed at the very tight quarters and all the dials.

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