Thursday, December 3, 2009


After we left Nancy's house we headed for our service appointment on the motorhome in Ocala, FL. They weren't able to finish the work that day so they let us camp in their service bay with electric. Another brand new experience for us. Camping in a service bay. But we sure did have a pretty sunset that night.
They didn't finish the work on Saturday and we needed to return on Monday. We found a Passport America RV park about two miles away. Finished getting the work done on Monday and planned on taking off on Tuesday. However, Mother Nature decided to change our plans once again. A severe thunderstorm was headed our way with winds up to 60 mph and possible tornado. We decided to stay put until the storm passed. And we were lucky - the storm almost passed us by. Lots of rain and one big clap of thunder. That was it. And I am so grateful.

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