Sunday, December 13, 2009


The Martin Lake RV Park has to be our least favorite RV Park so far along the road. As you can see form the picture the spaces are right next to each other. The neighbors steps walked right down into our car. The woman in the office was quite rude. There are junk cars parked everywhere. Most of the rigs are old and haven't been moved in forever.

They do have security at night (which I'm sure they need from the looks of things) and that added to our excitement. We went to Biloxi, MS to do a little gambling. Had a great time, didn't lose any money, and got two free buffet dinners. Headed home about 10:00. It's really dark out here and we turned in the exit. So instead of backing up and trying to find the entrance and do all the horrible, horrible speed bumps we just went on to our rig. We were parked much closer to the exit than the entrance. Well, Mr. Security pulled us over and threatened to have us evicted because we came in the exit. I was just shocked. There was nobody driving around except us. Most of the rigs were already dark. During the day we would have been able to see where we were going. But we left early the next morning so they didn't have to throw us out.

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