Thursday, December 3, 2009


Jeri & Terry weren't quite as lucky as we were. The storm that we expected in Ocala, they actually got here in Mexico Beach. They had about six inches of rain and they got their own private swimming pool. This picture was taken after the way had gone down quite a bit.


  1. Nice blog! Hope it drys up for you a bit there.

  2. I can't even count how many time I have been in ankle deep water to dump the tanks and disconnect... All a matter of timing. What services were you having done that took so long? We just had a transmission service, chassis lube, and oil change on site. Not cheap, but very convenient.
    Glad you made it to Mobile, not bad here in Yuma right now, can't wait to meet you... Porter and Vicki

  3. And that's why I prefer concrete parking pads and patios - but can't always get them. That photo reminds me of our spot in TN when it rained - YUCK.

  4. The plant you were asking about looks like a Butterfly Bush from the picture. It is pretty.

    Take care and travel safely!

  5. Oooops! I just blew the picture up (I'm technology deprived and didn't think to do that) and that plant is not a Butterfly Bush. It is still pretty though, LOL.

    I tried....sorry.


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