Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Jeri & Terry come up with some great places to eat - but this one was definitely an experience.
This is the menu - we all ordered the single bypass. Each burger patty is 1/2 lb. The fries were the highlight of the dinner for me. They are fresh potatoes fried in lard. What more could you ask for.
Now this is a diet I could follow.
Drink anyone?
I don't remember nurses like this when Jim was in the hospital for bypass surgery.


  1. That restaurant is so cool! I see that everyone was wearing hospital gowns - so funny. Was the food good? Where is that restaurant? I want to add it to my bucket list. You sure go to so great places - so much better than sitting home in a rocking chair watching the grass grow (or the snow fall).

  2. We come up with places to eat because we like to eat!! Eating is our favorite past-time!,


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