Monday, October 17, 2016

Rockin’ and Rollin’ in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV   High 90  Low 67  Windy

The storms that hit the PNW, sent their winds down to Las Vegas. It has really been moving the rig around but it is supposed to die down today and we will be heading out in the morning.

We are camped at the Road Runner RV Park on Boulder Highway. Definitely not anything to write home about but close to our friends. The park does not take reservations but we have not had a problem getting a site if we get here by 11:00. However, we have a small travel trailer. I’m sure the larger sites fill up quite rapidly. The rate is based on the length of your rig. We are 23 feet and our rate is $20.60 per night plus tax. The sites are close together and it is definitely not a park that we would stay in for any length of time. But for the short time we’re here, the price is right.

murrayEven with the wind, we’ve had a lot of fun since we’ve been here. We met up with our friend, Key. He got us tickets to see Murray the Celebrity Magician at Planet Hollywood. Great show, but the music was much too loud for my poor ears. It was a family oriented show and there were lots of children in the audience and they were as much fun to watch as Murray. Thanks Key. We really enjoyed the show.

The next night we went to dinner with Key at the Hash House A Go Go located down in the Linq area. Their menu is really interesting and we were warned ahead of time that the portions they serve are huge. Sure glad we knew that cause Jim and I split the chicken pot pie. Take a look at this serving.

hash house

Key had a hamburger with mashed potatoes.

hash house1

The Linq has been decorated for Halloween. Jim and Key made a new friend.


Another night we went duckpin bowling with Key. In an Airstream. This was a lot of fun. Jim grew up with duckpin bowling and I had heard about it.


bowling3The balls are much smaller than regular bowling balls and have no holes. The pins are also smaller and in this bowling alley they are attached with wires that set the pins. The rules are the same as bowling – strikes, spares, the foul line.

I bowled two games while the guys bowled three. We did okay and that’s all I’ll say about the scores.

The Airstream is located in the Silverton Casino back in the bar. If you are in Las Vegas, this is definitely a fun stop to make. It cost $3 per person per game.

Table and bench


Thought this map of the US was really neat. Each state was created by using one or two license plates from that state.

license map

We also found Jim a motorcycle at the Bass Pro Shops.

fish motorcycle

fish motorcycle2

We also were able to catch up with our friends Peter and Steve for a wonderful visit and lunch. Steve and I have been friends since 1968 and have a lot of good memories to share.



  1. Having fun is always a good thing.

  2. So much to see and do in Vegas, looks like you are having a fun time.

  3. I have never been in Las Vegas, and you showed a side of it that is different from the big glitzy casinos (which I don't care for). The pot pie looks good, but why in the world would they serve portions that one person should never consume in one sitting?

  4. Well aren't you two living it up in LV.

    I wondered what duckpin bowling was. Thanks for the explanation. Sounds like fun.

    If I am honest, that hamburger is huge but looks gross to me...hehe

  5. Sounds like you are having a ton of fun in Vegas! I don't think anyone can go there and not have fun. :-)

  6. Now that's a motorcycle Jim would be proud to ride! :cD

  7. It has been awhile since we have been there, but I am sure you will have lots of fun!

  8. I wouldn't mind going to that part of Vegas. Doesn't look so crowded and more to my liking. And then to get to spend time with old friends is always a good time.

  9. You're on a roll and you've been very busy. Hang around a little longer and we might just be there ... maybe.

  10. That's the most artistic chicken pot pie I've ever seen. We tried that duckpin bowling in Canada. I was really bad at it. There's always something different to do in Vegas, other than gambling.

  11. Yep we have been moving down just in front of the wind and let it pass us in Hawthorne NV, now in Pahrump...

  12. Looks like a great time!! No, I don't think there are many really good RV parks close, but it's still fun to go to Vegas for a couple days! We went to Alamo Lake State Park the middle of nowhere when we left Vegas...very nice place East of Vegas..and as I the middle of nowhere!

  13. Don't get caught up the debate nonsense :))

  14. Hey! I had a great time with you guys in Vegas, glad you enjoyed the bowling. Coincidentally, I sat down to write this post and JUST saw Murray the Magician on an episode of Pawn Stars!

  15. Sounds like a real fun stop. We're thinking we may have to make it there.

  16. I have never heard of duckpin bowling. I'll have to see if we have such a thing around here.


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