Sunday, October 9, 2016

Family Time

Emmett, ID   High 60   Low 43

We were able to spend a couple of nights visiting with my nephew Wade and his family which was so much fun.

From the left – Katie (doing student teaching), Nikki (the Mom), Karissa (12), Karlye (16), and Wade. Kody was missing as he was at college.


wade11Wade is my sister’s oldest child and is the principal at Emmett High School.

He gave us a tour of his town and the surrounding area. It really is a very pretty place and far enough away from Boise to not be part of the big city but close enough for good shopping and medical.

He also gave us a tour of his very unique high school. The first monolithic dome school building. I took this picture from their website.


And this one is an aerial view. Absolutely no windows.


The auto repair section.


The music room


The center of the dome


The gym


Wade’s office with Karissa

wade8 We are looking forward to coming back to this area for more visits.


  1. Nice get together with family. Sure is a new look for a school for me.

  2. Interesting design. I'm guessing it is cheaper to build, no windows would help with concentration, I was a gazer.

  3. As a retired teacher, our new high school did have some windows but not near the number as our old building. The students and teachers did not like not having windows. I hated it. Having a window changes the environment. By being able to have natural light in the room, the students and teachers feel so much better. Just think of how you feel on an overcast rainy day. That is how the room felt without windows. Can you build it cheaper...yes. The studies show that it isn't better for better for learning. The building does look beautiful.

  4. I had no idea a school building like this existed. Great that it is so energy efficient.

  5. No windows! Seems to be the trend but to what end?

  6. No windows! Seems to be the trend but to what end?

  7. Very interesting design, wondering if it will catch on.

  8. The buildings look like igloos. Thank goodness it's not that cold though. Being with family is fun.

  9. That is certainly the most unique school I've ever seen! I wonder why they built it like that.


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