Monday, October 10, 2016

Capitol Punishment–Part 1

Boise, ID   High 58  Low  44

There is so much to see and do in the Boise area and we barely put a dent in my list even though we were on the go all the time. There were three more places we just had to visit.

canday coThe first one was a quick stop at the Idaho Candy Company. They have been in business since 1901. They have the best chocolate peanut clusters I’ve ever had. They don’t use a lot of chocolate which is what I like about them. We also had to pick up some peanut brittle for Jim. Good stuff.

Parking in downtown Boise is at a premium but I’m married to a man who can always find a parking space really close to wherever we need to be. We had lunch at Andie’s Deli and Jim parked directly across the street from the deli. At the candy company he also found a spot directly across the street. After all these years it still continues to amaze me.

Sure enough at our next stop he parked right by the entrance. Welcome to Idaho’s State Capitol Building which was built in 1905.


The great seal of Idaho. This is the only state seal designed by a woman.


The Senate and House hearing rooms are located in the wings of the building. They have kept the original basement vault doors from the record storage rooms.


The dome in the Rotunda



This was a private elevator which transported judges to the Supreme Court Chambers.


Senate Chambers


Can you see Jim?



Two statues flank the entrance to Statuary Hall. The George Washington Statue was carved from a single piece of pine.


DSCN2900The second statue is a replica of Winged Victory of Samothrace. Idaho received this replica from the Merci Train which was sent to the United States by the people of France in 1949 to express their appreciation for the food, medicine, fuel and clothing Americans sent to France following WWII.


Being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I found this very interesting.


We really enjoy touring the Capitol Buildings and Idaho’s is a beautiful and interesting building. This post is long enough, so we’ll continue with the next one.


  1. An interesting day you had exploring some more sights, thanks for taking us along.

  2. Nut clusters and peanut brittle are two of my favorites.

  3. 20 years ago I was in Boise. We visited an old prison where both men and women were incarcerated. One row of cells was all burned out. A tragic fire caused by inmates killed a lot of people. We saw the hanging room with the trap door. Boise is an interesting city.

  4. I love visiting Capitol Buildings. Love the dome. Jim looks like he would make a great Speaker of the House. Run, Jim, Run.

  5. The State Capitol Building looks lovely. Anytime we visit a city that is a capitol we always try to visit the capitol building and join in on a tour. The tours are usually interesting and the buildings always seem to be beautiful.

    Nice to see that you are enjoying all that Boise has to offer, including the candy! ;-)

  6. You are definitely on a roll but I'm glad you're having fun. You're also having an opportunity to see a lot of fun things.

  7. A candy store! We cannot find jujubes anywhere in Minnesota. No fat. And we are addicted.

  8. A candy store! We cannot find jujubes anywhere in Minnesota. No fat. And we are addicted.

  9. That political poster felt current to me because we've just finished watching Big Love, an HBO series about a modern day polygamous family. I thought the series was well done. Although I could have done with fewer sex scenes it was interesting to learn how the husband responded differently to each wife's needs.

  10. We weren't so lucky with the parking near the Capital. I was very impressed with the rehab.

  11. Love the seal. Jim makes a good looking Senate Majority Leader.

  12. I wonder if the polygamy rules include women having more than one husband! But then, how many women would even want more than one.

  13. love the statues especially the train.

  14. Being a nice guy pays off for Jim! I read your part II isn't. Funny thing about Boise. when Rich and I traveled, Boise was the only city where I could not find a postcard. I sent each one of my grandchildren a postcard every day of our trip – – I can't tell you how many places we went to, but there were no Boise postcards – – anywhere. Strange, Huh? I wonder if it's different now. I forgot to sign part two. – Nancy

  15. it was interesting to learn how the husband responded differently to each wife's needs.

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