Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Get out of the driveway on Tuesday. Still checking things off our to-do list.

Took the fifth wheel in for an alignment which is badly needed. Then over to get some nitrogen in the tires and to the dump. Back in the drive way and the front landing jacks don’t work – again. Last time Jim put in a breaker, this time he replaced the switch and everything seems to working really good again. Fingers crossed.

IMG_2979 Then he cleaned out the hot water heater. Good thing he did. Look at what was in it.






To add some more excitement to the day we found this guy running around loose in our yard. What a sweetheart. He was the gentlest, most loving dog. Well taken care of – his teeth looked like he had had a whitening treatment. He had a collar but no tags. We called Animal Control and while we waited for them we enticed him into the house with a treat so he couldn’t get away. We had to put him in the kennel to protect him from the other three mutts. They were not happy to have a strange dog in their midst. He was ravenous and thirsty so gave him some dog food and water while we waited. I sure hope he finds his family quickly. He definitely belongs to somebody.

IMG_2992 Watched the Redskins/Cowboys gave with the kids. We’re all Redskins games and were all kind of depressed at the end of the game. So no, we didn’t win. But my sister is happy today.



IMG_2988 Michaela was repairing some of the holes in her jeans. She bought them with the holes in them but when she washed them, they didn’t hold up very well and the holes got too large to be appropriate.



IMG_2989 Scooter was happy in Dad’s lap. Skittlez and Zoey were busy doing their things. Don’t think any of them were paying much attention to the game. But notice how they all came to life when it was treat time.






Jim still needs to get the brakes and lights hooked up on the boat so not sure what time we’ll get out of town. We made campground reservations in Butte for Tuesday night. That’s hopeful thinking.


  1. Looking like a Wednesday departure?? I sure hope the family of your new dog shows up. They are probably frantic!

  2. I hope you get going today (Tuesday) but I'm not placing any bets. I have to comment on buying jeans with holes in them--I know it's the new style, in fact, it seems to be the style to wear jeans with holes as big as possible. Why do they think this looks good? And what kind of protection do holey jeans provide? I hope this fad passes soon.

  3. Well Tuesday is a lot closer than Christmas! I don't care what the tree situation is, we are out of here on December 23rd for at least four weeks.

  4. Hope you make it and have a great time!

  5. I think you'll get down the road a little ways at least. :)

    Safe travels to you...

  6. That whole "buying jeans with holes already in them" has always been a bit of a mystery for me I'm afraid. Gee, who knew they'd get worse when they got washed??

  7. Hope you guys get airborne as soon as you can. That big guy was lucky you took him in for animal control to find his owner.No wonder you little ones were mad he probably intimidated them with his size.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  8. On behalf of all lost animals everywhere....thank you for helping that dog.

  9. It is Tuesday...are you gone?
    I hope everything is on schedule. Enjoy the ride.

  10. I come to life when treats are brought out too!! :-)
    Hope you guys make your departure date! We'll cross our fingers!

    Sorry about the game...can't win them all.

  11. Thanks for helping the lost dog. I sure hope his family is found soon.

    I too am mystified by the jeans with holes thing. We used to throw them away or cut them up for patches when they got holes in them! Oh well...

  12. Good on you guys for taking the stray dog in... he will find his owner eventually...

    Nothing better than heading out on the road! Our hot water tank had a whole bunch of gunk, just like yours...

  13. hope the 'dog finds his home soon'!!!

  14. Glad you guys help the lost dog and he finds his home..


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