Tuesday, September 13, 2011



At Lake DeSmet our front landing jacks did not want to retract. The motor died. Jim was able to crank them up manually so we could get back to Billings.

He completely took the whole motor and whatever else is in there apart. I stayed out of the way and just offered words of encouragement and ice water. Occasionally I ordered him in the house to rest for awhile. He ended up having to replace the motor and some gears that were stripped. Required several trips to Pierce RV and ACE.

After he finally got everything put back together (two days later) the fuse kept blowing whenever he tried to extend or retract the legs. I am so grateful to the Escapees forum people. They gave us the answer to our problem and also referred us to the Montana Owner’s Club forum. Jim added a breaker to the whatever and everything is working really good now.

I didn’t take any pictures. Jim definitely wasn’t in the mood for that. He’s much better today. Now he’s raising our hitch about an inch and a half. That is one of the things they told us should be done when we got weighed in Gillette. Think we’ll ever get out of this driveway?

While Jim’s been toiling away outside, I’ve been cleaning out drawers and closets and everything I can lay my hands on. I am always amazed at the amount of “stuff” I can collect in a year’s time. I also went through all my clothes and really got rid of a lot of them. Linda Sand – I’m still not at my 100 but I’m a lot closer than I was last week.

I also added a couple of other “fish” items to the decor.

IMG_2952 Plate mats





IMG_2954 wallpaper border






We also got a new couch. I hated that old flowered one.





  1. Okay, I hate that old flowered one too but love your new one. Why is it that many of the RVs came with flowered junk?? It sure dates a unit way before even its time.

    Thank goodness Jim is so handy with all the fixing but he's probably very tired of doing so. Now get that hitch fixed and put those problems to rest. Hopefully, you've discovered all the little things and everything is in perfect shape now for your upcoming road trip.

  2. I don't think I'm at 100 anymore, either, but I don't think I'll count them to see. :) I still have fewer than most women do, though.

  3. Staying out of the way is something I have to do sometimes, too. I'm glad that Jim was able to get your jacks working. Love the new couch!

  4. I love the forums, too. You can find an answer to just about anything there. Good that Jim was above to get everything replaced and working.

    Cute new things, love the couch and the fish border. :)

  5. Fantanstic sunset photo!

    Most of us get by with a little help from our friends. :)

  6. The new couch looks very nice. I'm so glad Jim was finally able to fix the jacks, and hope you can now travel thousands of miles with no problems!

  7. I often wonder who "designs" the interiors of RVs? Some of the stuff is just horrid! And this is coming from a guy.
    Plus, don't they realise that by a certain age, there's a bunch of us who really don't want to be surrounded by a "House of Mirrors"? I want to be able to chose when to look at myself in the mirror, and not whenever I turn my head.

  8. "I stayed out of the way and just offered words of encouragement and ice water." I understand. . . . . And the new couch goes nicely with the dog's coat. You have your priorities in order! ~Liz

  9. Well, now that you know all these folks hated that couch, I guess it's fair to say - Me too!. I don't like patterns on much. They make me anxious.

    We have the same problem with our rear jacks but Doug just does them manually. Tell me in an email what the fix is.

  10. Sure sounds like Jim has been busy the past few days! Glad he could do the work himself...

  11. Great work on the jacks. I admit I would have called for help.

  12. way to go Jim!!!.and I also love the new couch!!..don't think that colour would go well in our house though..white cat hair and golden fur..sure wouldn't look as pretty as it does in your home!!!..very very nice..much better than the flowered one!!

  13. Guess you're not the only one loving the new couch....one of the doggies seems to fit just fine.....LOL

  14. The sofa is a huge improvement. I love the color.
    So glad Jim is such a handy man! That job would have cost you a ton I am sure.
    What is 100? I missed that somewhere along the line.

  15. Congrats to Jim for fixing those jacks by himself. That's quite a project. It would've stumped me for sure!

  16. I love your new couch. That is something I want to replace too. Not because of flowers our is just beige but it isn't very comfortable. Hope you enjoy the new one!

  17. The new couch is definitely an improvement.

    At least Jim can get things fixed...that's a great skill. My DH is wonderful but a Mr. Fixit he is NOT!!

  18. Love the pic and the couch. I also hate my couch - it's leather and uncomfortable and cold and everything slides off it !!


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