Saturday, September 10, 2011


After the Rally,IMG_2909 I wanted to check out the camping and fishing at Keyhole. Judy and Gary had recuperated from the Rally and were ready for an outing so off we went. Took all three of the fur ones with us – Scooter, Skittlez and Lucy.



Keyhole State Park is about 65 miles from Gillette, not too far from Devil’s Tower. The reservoir is about 17,000 acres at 4100 feet. 

IMG_2901 Originally the area was an Indian reservation for the Sioux Native American Indian tribes. The Black Hills gold rush (1874) created conflicts between Indians and would-be gold miners. Eventually the Sioux Indian Tribes lost control of their land. Keyhole was the brand used by the McKean brothers who had a ranch in the area.

IMG_2905 It’s a beautiful state park with lots of campsites. No hookups. We were there on Labor Day and many of the folks had left. I would think that September would be a very quiet month to be there. They do shut down the facilities on September 30.



IMG_2908 They have this small replica of Devil’s Tower sitting in the park. No sign to explain why it’s there

Supposed to be some good walleye fishing in this park so I’m pretty sure we’ll be back.


  1. Love the beautiful blue water. I hope it cools down now and you can finally enjoy it!

  2. That looks like a lovely state park. Thanks for the tour!

  3. Hey! I get to be first today. Whoppie!

  4. What beautiful pictures!

    The Sioux always make me think of my little sister. The first time she saw the name Sioux, she did the best she could phonetically. It came out SIGH-ox. She's never lived it down. ~Liz


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