Friday, January 28, 2011


The desert is a very active community. At one point we had 18 rigs in our group. It was hard to keep track of them because people would leave and new people would move into their spot.

We had some rigs parked near us that didn’t belong to our group but their owners dropped by to say hi and visit for awhile.

We also had a problem with people driving through our campsite. Not only did they drive ATV’s and bikes through, but also cars, trucks and RV’s. Just amazing to me because we were parked in a U shape so it was quite obvious that the road ended before it got to us. But it didn’t stop them. Terry put up some orange cones at the opening to the U but the wind kept blowing them away.

We also had one couple who forgot to read the most current directions for getting to our site and ended up stuck in the sand. But the people in our group rode to the rescue and were able to get them out and lead them back to where they belonged. The funny thing about that is their last name is Sand.

DSCN0272 We had Para-sailors who flew over our site and waved to us. Delcie was very sad because they didn’t land and give her a chance to go for a ride with them.



DSCN0282 Also, out in the middle of the desert, we had some hummingbirds. Jim tried several times to take pictures of the one that seemed to like our feeder the best. But every time the camera came out the birds would disappear. I wish I could show you his beautiful bronze colored neck that absolutely glowed in the sunlight. He was shy, I guess.


  1. I would not be very nice at all with people who actually had the nerve to drive through my site.

  2. Sorry to hear you are finding such rudeness! :(

  3. Well I'm glad that my "yelling" at you got you back to updating your Blog. LOL

    The 'Sands' got stuck in the sand. Too funny. I was glad to read I'm not the only one who has gotten stuck in the sand !!

    I see those para-sailing things here all the time at "Q". And I soooo want to go up on one. Wonder if they rent them ????

  4. Looked like a GREAT time, Sandie. Those campfire pictures sure brought back wonderful memories of our first year on the road in Q (actually our first months on the road!). Looks like everyone had a great time. Sorry we missed it! Hope to see ya down the road!

    Paul (and Marsha)

  5. That has happened to us as well at Quartzite. One time we moved twice in one day just to avoid rude people. Solved the problem last year by pakring further south in the Kofa Mountains. From now on, if in the area again, we will spend our time in the quiet serenity of the Kofas:))


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